Important News

Howard Co Plan Commission to Recommend Four Wind Ordinance Changes.

  • A Wind Energy Facility (as described in Article 5-56 of the Zoning Ordinance) shall be not less than 2000 feet from the nearest Occupied Building for a Non-participating Occupied Building
  • The sound standard for a Large Wind Energy Facility as set out in Article 5- 58(P) of the Zoning Ordinance shall not exceed 40 dBA as measured at the exterior of any Occupied Building on a Non-participating Landowner's property
  • Company shall use reasonable efforts to obtain FAA approval of a shield (at a reasonable cost relative to benefit) to be affixed to each Wind Turbine requiring lighting (and shall document to County such efforts and communications), and shall install such a shield if approved
  • All Large Wind Turbines shall be placed under the Special Exception Category of the Howard County Zoning Ordinance

The commissioners passed Resolution No. 2014 BCCR-17 directing and requiring the Howard County Plan Commission to propose amendments to county ordinances pertaining to wind energy facilities.

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