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The commissioners passed Resolution No. 2014 BCCR-17 directing and requiring the Howard County Plan Commission to propose amendments to county ordinances pertaining to wind energy facilities.

Howard Co Plan Commission Recommends Four Wind Ordinance Changes.

Plan Commission Exhibit A Amendment Proposal

According to Paul Wyman, as reported in the Kokomo Tribune, the Howard County Commissioners will vote on the changes at their January 5, 2015 4:00 pm meeting (see article below).

We strongly oppose the position taken on setbacks. As written, Howard County would have some of the weakest setback protections in Indiana. Larger wind turbines continue to be developed, and greater protection is necessary for non-participating property owners' future private property development. Informed voters should attend, and urge setbacks to be changed to what are becoming newer and safer standards. We recommend setbacks comparable to Whitley County (see below).

Here are current setback ordinances of several Indiana counties Setbacks

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